Our practice is based on a fee-for-service philosophy.  We do not accept insurance but believe that our service and fees provide excellent value.  Our approach streamlines our operation and helps to keep services reasonably priced for those with and without insurance.   

We request credit card payment at the time of service.  After your appointment "check out" is completed by documenting the services provided and processing your credit card payment using credit card information on file.  A detailed treatment summary and services is sent by email and will include appropriate diagnosis and treatment codes needed for patients to submit an insurance claim if they choose to do so.

You can opt to pay our fees for labs and imaging or you may work with your insurance company plan.  We will need to know your decision before we place the orders.

Fee Schedule.

Pulmonary and Sleep Consultations

    - Initial consultation.  (Scheduled for 40 minutes).  $250

    - Established or Follow-up consultation.  (Scheduled for 40 minutes).  $175

    - Telephone. Problem-focused follow-up (20 minutes).  $75

    - Home Sleep Test.   $350

    - Spriometry.  Baseline $55 / pre & post-bronchodilator.   $75

    - Actigraphy.   $175

Covid Consultation

    - Prophylaxis. Includes consultation, education and prescriptions.  $75

    - "I'm sick now."  Current illness consultation, education, prescriptions.  $250

    - "I'm still sick."  Post-Covid care. New Patient $250, Established Patient.  $175 

    - Vaccine Adverse Effects.  New Patient $250, Established Patient $175

Other Consultations

    - Advocacy consultation.   $250

Lab Testing

    - Lab testing fees vary as needed per diagnosis and disease management needs.