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At Perry Center for Pediatric & Adult Sleep Care in Kansas City, we provide a compassionate, holistic approach to the diagnosis, treatment & management of sleep disorders. Our years of medical practice have led us to develop our Patient Advisory Service - coaching you to become the best health care advocate you can be for yourself and your loved ones.

We also offer COVID-19 treatment. 


Childhood Sleep Disorders

We are skilled in the diagnosis, treatment and management of the wide range of sleep disorders in the pediatric population. Surprisingly many children and adolescents can have sleep disorders similar to adults.  learn more

Adult Sleep

Adults often struggle with insomnia. Sleep-disordered breathing can be found in 2-4% of the population. Shift workers struggle with circadian rhythm problems. learn more

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are often not identified until adolescence.  Adolescents also experience a natural delay in their biologic clock leading to problems like later bedtimes and difficulties with normal awaking  learn more



We want to help you get the most out of your relationship with your doctor. It can sometimes be unclear how and when to advocate for yourself. We are happy to answer questions, help you find a specialist, and know which questions to ask learn more


We offer guidance for a range of COVID-related conditions and considerations learn more

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