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Sleep Disorders:
Self Assessment

Sleep disorders are often unrecognized, tolerated, or assumed untreatable for years without awareness of their potential impact on the quality of life or long-term health consequences.  Even when help is sought, these disorders are often misdiagnosed as ADD, seizure disorders or a mental health problem.  By obtaining the right help, sleep problems can be remedied so we offer hope.

Do you have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or getting out of bed in the morning?

Are you restless at night and have a hard time laying still?

Have an urge to move your legs in the evening/at night that is only relieved by movement?

Appear to be inattentive/unfocused or miss out on parts of the day?

Lose muscle control when you have strong emotions especially laughter or you are described as being clumsy?

After growing out of naps, they return to taking naps?

Have chronic mouth breathing, snoring, gasping or pauses in breathing at night?

Start bedwetting when your child had grown out of it?

Will only fall asleep with the presence of parents or by going to parent’s bedroom during the night?

Falls asleep when not physically or mentally engaged?

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