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Patient Advisory Services

Checklist: Patient Advisory Services, Second Medical Opinion, Ask Your Doctor
Doctor Types Notes: Patient Advisory Services, Ask Your Doctor, Second Medical Opinion

We offer a range of advisory services to help our clients. This may include preparing for a consultation with a primary care or specialty doctor regarding your own care, or it may involve going with a friend or family member for a doctor’s appointment.

This would not necessarily rise to the level of an official second medical opinion as medical records are not available to review. This simply is a service to help you fully utilize your time more effectively with your doctor or help clarify some difficult decisions you want to work through.


Have you ever wished you could take a doctor with you to your doctor’s appointments or wished you knew the best questions to ask your doctor but don’t feel you have the knowledge or insight to ask all the right questions? Helping patients more fully understand their medical condition and how best to advocate for themselves or loved ones is an important need at this time.


Due in part to the extent of sub-specialization and the complexity of many disease processes, patients sometimes have difficulty determining even what subspecialist is best qualified to address their complaints. The tendency is to waste precious time waiting to see a doctor that may not be able to help you which then results in a delayed diagnosis. Utilizing your time wisely when you do see the correct doctor and having a set of appropriate questions would optimize any visit.


Educating patients about their health and helping them make wise treatment decision is at the center of what we do. Patients who understand these things become active participants in their own care which leads to better health outcomes. Helping families prepare for a doctors’ visit through education or advise will optimize what a patient gains from that visit. This becomes especially important and stressful when a patient may have waited many weeks or months for this important visit. 


Helping families decide what specialist to consult based on their current symptoms is not always apparent.   Helping them work through the risk-benefit ratio of various treatment options can be a complex and stressful process. Helping in the development of a set of appropriate questions to ask, and helping them understand the ramifications of those questions can optimize the limited time they have with consultants. Asking for a second opinion can be very uncomfortable, yet being able to discuss the reasons why one should ask for a second opinion is important. These are just a few of the things we can walk along side you and your love one to discuss and give more clarity to if you choose to seek our advising service.


Sleep Disorders

We are skilled in the diagnosis, treatment and management of the wide range of sleep disorders in the pediatric population. Surprisingly many children and adolescents can have sleep disorders similar to adults.  learn more


Sleep disorders are often not identified until the teenage years.  Adolescents also experience a natural delay in their biologic clock leading to problems like later bedtimes and difficulties with normal awaking  learn more

Adult Sleep

Adults often struggle with insomnia. Sleep-disordered breathing can be found in 2-4% of the population. Shift workers struggle with circadian rhythm problems. learn more

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