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Dr. Perry and the Perry Center for Pediatric & Adult Sleep Care will be accepting patient appointments starting March 15, 2022.  COVID appointments begin February 1, 2022

What to Expect at an Appointment

Our practice is based on a fee-for-service philosophy.  We do this in part to streamline our operations to keep services reasonably priced especially for those without insurance.   We provide a detailed treatment summary for all services provided which can be used for patients to submit their own insurance claim.


We accept cash (or credit card) for our services and appreciate payment at the time of service.  While we do not accept insurance for our services, charges for support services such as medications, labs, and equipment are ordered through providers that generally do accept insurance.  It is only the direct physician consultation that is conducted on a cash basis.​​

Request an Appointment

Thank you for your Appointment Request! We will be in touch shortly!
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