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​​Waiting Over an Hour to See Doctor? Direct Specialty Care Puts Patients First

Updated: Jun 14

Uncover direct specialty care with limited patients, easy access & a focus on individual needs. Experience healthcare that prioritizes you.

Doctor high-fives young patient: Direct Specialty Care eliminates long waits and makes care more accessible

Patients are waiting longer and longer to be seen by the physician. This is in part due to a physician shortage but is also the result of the consolidation of our healthcare system. The patient’s ability to navigate our healthcare system can be overwhelming at times.

This is the experience of a parent who brought her child to my clinic. You can sense the emotion in her voice.

“I can't say enough about Dr. Perry. She is very thorough and extremely knowledgeable. She personally called me when I was wanting to set up an appointment and she got my son in so quickly (less than a week) compared to the sleep clinic our pediatrician originally referred my son to (which would have been about a 9 month wait). She took a full hour to sit and discuss our history and my son's sleep issues and she helped come up with a plan that gives me hope for the first time in three years that his sleep will improve. It is easy to tell that she is very good at what she does. Finding her clinic was such a God-send for us.”

When a centralized scheduling office is responsible for scheduling patients for numerous clinics the individual needs of the patient are not met. My personal experience working in a large healthcare system revealed that there is no mechanism to address patients who chronically no-show their appointments therefore increasing wait times for those patients who truly want to be seen.

Caring about patients and their healthcare needs requires good communication and appropriate access. Direct Specialty Care practices, a new way to provide care, focuses on the individual by limiting the total number of patients that are seen which allows easy access and much longer appointments to truly address the patient’s needs.

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